Shisei Aiki Dojo

40 mat dojo space

Shisei Aiki Dojo

South San Francisco

We Are Moving!

to a new space very near our former location. Details coming soon!

This dojo opened its doors Feb 2005. The space has 40 tatami mats and is available for training by invitation or referral. The dojo is a member of the International Shiseikan Budo Association (ISBA), an organization of Shiseikan affiliated dojos under the auspices of the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.

There is class many weekday evenings, and at lunchtimes and by arrangement. Call before 4pm for schedule information. If you are visiting the area, please join us! Aikido, Daito Ryu, and Kashima Shin Ryu are taught, but the dojo is available to be shared by all styles of budo and for members to explore a variety of training methods. Beginners are welcome!

For more information contact Diane by email at or by phone at (650) 670-2064 for more information.

Uradachi kata Kotegiri kata Embiken kata

Diane Zingale, 5th Dan

Diane started studying Aikido in 1977 at Kanai-sensei's dojo in Boston. Just after receiving SHODAN in Boston, she moved to Tokyo in 1984 and was a resident of Japan for 17 years until 2001. She received 2nd DAN at Hombu and studied 2 years there and at Yamaguchi-sensei's private dojos in Shibuya and Ochanomizu where she met Sekiya-sensei. As Sekiya-sensei's apprentice over 11 years, she studied Katori Shinto Ryu style of sword, stick and naginata at Sugino dojo in Kawasaki, assisted in seminars in USA with Sekiya-sensei, and studyed Aikido and Kashima Shin Ryu sword at the SHISEIKAN dojo of Meiji Shrine for 14 years under Inaba-sensei, who awarded her 3rd, 4th, and 5th DAN rank.

She has been returning to Japan about twice a year since ending residence to continue training under Inaba-sensei at SHISEIKAN, the Meiji Shrine dojo.